Japanse Shindo Garden

Description of the gardens

Entering Karesansui [Click to enlarge]

Together our three gardens measure 20 are. The Shindo garden is 6 are, the Bonsai garden 4 are and the Flower garden 10 are.

The Shindo garden currently consists of three important parts: at the entrance a Karesansui garden with a lot of Japanese symbols such as the stone water, turtles, a sosu, the path of life, a Kamakura-Buddha statue, yin and yang islands, and a stone bridge with guards.

Chaniwagarden around teahouse [Click to enlarge]

Around the tea house there is a Chaniwa garden with a tsukubai, a tea terrace, a lot of moss, beautiful green hills, a symbol fountain, a heavenly body corner, and an alpine area with a hill of life with source.

Bonsaistreet [Click to enlarge]

A bonsai street with stone bonsai tables. Every bonsai has a Zen message.

This shindo garden contains no less than 45 different Japanese symbols spread over the whole garden. This symbolism is what we absolutely wanted to achieve in our garden.

60 ton of rocks, a lot of water, form trees, bonsais and Japanese plants portray the values of life and the elements of nature.

Host and his wife [Click to enlarge]

Your host will personally show you around this landscape and will give a full explanation of the symbolism (the visit takes about one hour and 45 minutes). A walk to the Bonsai garden and the Japanese Flower garden is new!

Through the gate we walk through the Bonsai garden to the Flower garden. This unique garden offers you beautiful Japanese flowers, tucked away behind a Japanese landscape with a Japanese house, a mountain river and an iris pond with a cave. And between the tons of rocks you can find an idyllic Japanese sitting area.

Thanks to its unique oriental atmosphere, these calming gardens will undoubtedly occupy a place in the heart of every garden amateur.

Some Japanese haiku (4 seasons)


The light on a candle stand
is transferred to another candle
spring twilight

Yosa Buson 1716-1784


The admiration
for those flowers is painful
for my cervical vertebra

Nishiyama Sõin (Baiõ) 1664-1682


Fallen leaves
in my garden give a glimpse
of eternity

Matsuo Bashõ 1644-1694


Bold cherry trees
desire a whole winter
for pink blossoms


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